The world is about to end and the only way for you to survive is to run from through the prehistoric jungles.

What is Triassic Run

Triassic Run is an endless runner set in a prehistoric era where dinosaurs used to roam. Unfortunately the dinosaurs are about to end and you must run.. run from the meteors!

How to Play

Run through the jungle and avoid obstacles. You control two dinosaurs and can switch between them. The red dinosaur can jump, but is not a very good swimmer. The green dinosaur can traverse through water and duck under branches, but is too heavy to jump. Pick up the correct food items using the matching dinosaur.


  • [A]:
    Move to the left.
  • [D]:
    Move to the right.
  • [Spacebar]:
    Jump if possible.
  • [S]:
    Duck if possible.
  • [Shift]:
    Switch dinosaur.

The Team [ Teamosaur ]

Henrik Nilsson Programmer

Gabriel Axelsson Project Manager

Martina Oyhenard Artist

Adrian Hagerman Artist

The process

This game was made during GameJamPlus by students from Uppsala University.
The chosen theme for the jam was: Easy to learn, Hard to master.

Gameplay Video



Download 27 MB

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